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You Know You Want To: BMW 1 M

Harris ponders the 'one car to rule them all' purchase and returns to his original conclusion...

By Chris Harris / Monday, October 08, 2012

Just enjoyed a quick cuppa and a few Oreos and considered what car I would like to run if I only had access to a single everyday machine for the next 12 months. And by some margin it was a BMW 1M.

Continued desirability = solid values

Continued desirability = solid values

This is surprising, because I conducted the same piece of research in my head about a year ago, and reached the same conclusion. Has there not been another sporting car I’d rather own and live with released in the past year? Not the 991, and not a Boxster – simply because I need back seats.

And what about the impending 1 M residual doom predicted by many people? Yep, they got it wrong.

There aren’t many 1 Ms for sale right now. Just 450 came to the UK, and you’d have to suppose that the lucky few who own them are enjoying the experience. (Just look at the packs of them that turn up at any Sunday Service - Ed.) Every time I drove one last year, I thought it was the most interesting package, partly because it didn’t conform to the normal M behaviour.

Drives like a weapon, looks like it in black

Drives like a weapon, looks like it in black

In being turbocharged it had masses of low-effort performance and half-decent fuel economy. On-boost it was a complete animal and, with the systems switched off, it was plain spiteful. In other words it was the antidote to modern, anyone-can-drive-it performance, but it was still technically very capable. Crazy fast too. I wouldn’t want to try and stay with one in an M3. I suspect the little brother might embarrass big bro.

There was just one frustration with the cars that I drove: they were all that burnt orange colour. I think they look better in the other two choices: black or white. And that leads me to another reason for wanting a 1 M. It’s infantile and pathetic, but I just think they look superb. Especially in black.

A new M135i arrives tomorrow for a week’s loan. I’m already excited by what it might offer, but the 1 M just looks so much better.

Why you should: It’s a 1 M. It’s black.
Why you shouldn’t: Um, nope, can’t think of anything

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