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Golf GTI Mk2 | Reader's Car of the Week

Have you seen a nicer Golf GTI recently? Nope, us neither...

By Matt Bird / Saturday, October 19, 2019

We all like to hear a good story from the forums, don’t we? This has to be one of the lovelier ones, as well as featuring a stunning old Golf GTI.

Having owned a 1984 Mk2 once upon a time, PHer ‘Sharknose’ – known as Nick off the internet – replaced it with a 944. However, the Porsche didn’t quite do it for him, so the hunt was on for another Golf GTI.

C779 SRB is the Mk2 he found, purchased in April this year. As you can see, it looks immaculate, notable for having just the sunroof and cassette storage box added as factory extras – the standard-fit 14-inch steel wheels must now be extremely rare. The story gets better, too, because this is a genuine one-lady-owner-from-new car. And Sharknose has been to meet her!

We’ll let him explain how the reunion of Ann with her Golf GTI went, as well as how life has been this summer with a classic hot hatch, in the rest of the thread. Take it from us, though, that it’s well worth reading; there are a few jobs still there on the to-do list, so there should be plenty more coming from Sharknose and his Golf soon. We’re looking forward to seeing how it all pans out!

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