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Land Rover Defender | Reader's Car of the Week

We're all heading back to basics. What better car to take with you...

By Sam Sheehan / Saturday, March 21, 2020

We’re probably not the only ones who’ve spent the week pondering which car would be best suited to an apocalyptic world. Whether it be because a virus turns society upside down, or a president accidentally leans on the red button, it’s nice to know we’ve already whittled down the options should an emergency second-hand purchase be required. PHer w1bbles looks about as ready as you can be for this sort of impending doom, with two Land Rover Defenders at their immediate disposal.

The second joined the fleet only recently as a 51-plate Td5, chosen thanks to the five-cylinder diesel’s “peachy” engine sound, its ability to cruise on the motorway and, as w1bbles puts it, because it remains “slow enough to feel like a real Defender”. Aficionados will know exactly what the OP’s on about – and they’ll no doubt respect the work that’s already been poured into the green but slowly greying Landy. It’s quickly become the perfect distraction from the outside world, following a chassis refresh and some body panel swaps.

The progress is swift, but there’s certainly no shortage of tasks left to do; w1bbles’ other Land Rover and those before it (pictured in the thread) illustrate just how far this PHer’s work can go. Making matters more complicated is the fact this Td5 is in daily use, having thrived during the Beast from the East and now earning its spurs as a rolling isolation chamber. With a roof snorkel and new boots, it definitely looks well placed to handle whatever the hell’s in store for the rest of 2020. We can’t wait to follow the progress of this plucky 4x4 throughout.

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