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Perfect engine-gearbox combos | Thread of the Week

Cohesion between combustion engine and transmission is vital for maximum driving pleasure. So which are best?

By Jack Mansfield / Friday, January 31, 2020

As car enthusiasts, many of us will covet the perfect driver’s car. We want to find the car that, to us, has the right amount of power, the right amount of grip and makes all the right noises. But what is arguably the most important thing that makes a driver’s car a little bit more special than its competitors? It’s got to be - PHer irfan1712 reckons – the perfect match of an engine and gearbox. 

Many manufacturers have strived for this match, and many haven’t quite made the cut, but there’s a select few that have slipped into the holy grail. In order to unearth these rare beasts, irfan1712 has started a thread; and things are off to a pretty good start with the McLaren F1, the E60 BMW M5 (in North American manual spec, of course), and various old Ferraris with their open-gated manual gearboxes are already listed.

Others have contributed some fantastic cars, such as the Caterham Seven Supersport 1.4, the Ferrari 575M, the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Porsche Carrera GT. All renowned for their engines and manual gearboxes, but we can’t let the list dry up there, can we? That’s why for this week’s pick from the forums, we’re passing the buck over to you to help ensure no great engine-gearbox combo is left out.

If any are springing to mind as you read this, jump in the thread and join the discussion here!

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