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Winter 19/20 dirty cars | From the forums!

Got some four-wheeled filth to show off? Here's the thread to do so

By Matt Bird / Friday, January 17, 2020

The Dirty winter cars thread has become a mainstay of the PH forum over the years, and this season’s one is now its fourth consecutive appearance. It's with good reason, too; as more and more cars are tucked away for winter, it’s great to see vehicles out and being used.

The 19/20 thread does not disappoint. Now nearly 20 pages old, there’s everything here from a Ferrari 599 to a Fiat Panda Cross, and every level of grime as well. It really is remarkable how much muck can cling to one car, as an assortment of posters can prove here. There’s even an explanation of how aerodynamics contribute, if you’re interested…

But with the very worst of the winter weather hopefully behind us, there’s no better time to get trawling through the camera roll to see what else can be contributed. The inaugural 2016/17 thread reached 28 pages, so there’s some way still to go on this one. Get posting now!

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