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Quite a number of race Tuscans have been made road legal now, although generally you still find them on racetracks, but for track days rather than racing.

Some of the newer conversions feature AJP engines from crashed Cerberas (TVR lease the engines to the racers) whilst this particular model has a Rover 4.5 litre V8 chucking out 420 bhp and 350 lb/ft of torque. Four Dellorto carbs hurl the petrol in as fast as they can. Power is transmitted through a Borg-Warner T5 gearbox to 9J x 16 wheels. 11.8 inch discs on each wheel provide immense stopping power. Racelogic traction control is also fitted should you have problems applying the power to the road.

Originally used in the Tuscan Challenge it was then taken out of the series and used for sprinting and hillclimbing. The owner at the time certainly took care of it - it was garaged with seven of his other cars in dehumidified conditions!

Streber Motorsport converted this car to road legal status. This involved changes to the lighting and fitting of a speedometer etc.

So what's it like as a road car? Eyewatering! A quick blast (0-60 in 3.2 seconds) soon had me wiping the tears from my eyes as the wind rush is incredible. Overtaking opportunities are always available - before I had time to consider the gap, we were through it. The ride is surprisingly friendly, not the bone shaking experience you might  expect.

It's noisy, to the point of making conversation difficult, but then it is a racing car after all. And talk about a head turner, you can't sneak around in this car!

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