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TVR Gold Portfolio, 1959-86


One of a Kind?

Andrew Collier could be the proud owner of a unique TVR. As far as he knows, he is the guardian of the only TVR 500SE ever manufactured.

It all started several years ago when Andrew was looking for a SEAC. He'd joined the TVRCC and after looking for some time, let his membership lapse and life moved on. A couple of years later the search for an 'interesting' car resumed, this time with Ferrari being the target. The search turned up many rusting examples but nothing worth an investment.


Still with an eye on the TVR marketplace, whilst browsing Exchange and Mart one morning Andrew saw the advert for a TVR 500. Despite assuming it was a misprint, the owner was contacted. The specification of the car was confimed and it turned out the seller was only two miles away. Andrew and friend dashed over there and then.

As it reversed out of the garage Andrew fell under the TVR spell - love at first sight (sound). He knew he would end up buying it. In immaculate condition with only 23,000 miles on the clock, this was a top motor.


The owner couldn't reveal much about the car except that lots of money had been spent on it prior to his period of ownership. He had very little supporting paperwork apart from the service history. Supposedly it was a factory car. It had factory 500 SE badges and decals and was indistinguishable from a factory car.

After doing some research, it transpired that the car was originally sold as a 450 SE. TVR Power (the engine division) rather than TVR sold the parts for the modifications to a private buyer.  The car had subsequently been back to TVR Power at least once after the modifications had been carried out, although for what we do not know.

The precise specification of the engine is also unknown. It's registed as a 4881cc and it is well... rather powerful.

Was Andrew happy with his purchase?

"OK, so it's idiosyncratic and sometimes frustrating, but when it's on song it's the most exciting car I've ever driven. No regrets. It's a beast. It's frightening. It sets off  all the car alarms down my street, flames come out of the exhaust and THAT NOISE!!"