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Typically of TVR, the SE range of Wedges represents a range of cars of very differing, and confusing specifications.

350 SE (1984)

The 350i was selling well but in true TVR fashion, it was decided to try and beef up the power output. An option pack was introduced allowing installation of a 3.9 litre version of the V8. A limited production run of twenty five 350 SE's were made with these 3.9 litre engines.

390 SE (1984 - 1988)

The 390 SE was introduced in October of 1984. TVR Engineering worked with Andy Rouse, a Rover Tuning specialist to produce a blueprinted engine, turning out an extra 85 bhp, taking it to 275 bhp. This was achieved by

  • Increasing bore of the engine to 3905 cc
  • High lift camshafts
  • Gas flowed cylinder heads with large valves
  • Cosworth machined pistons

390 SE
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A stronger clutch, limited slip differential and wider Yokohama tyres were employed to help get the extra power down onto the road. The styling of the car was improved with a deeper front air dam, and a rear under body aerofoil. Fifteen inch wheels were part of the package.

The series II car appeared in 1985, with the most obvious changes being the (slightly) rounder styling. There were numerous other changes to the mechanicals.

400 SE (1988-1991)

The 400 SE was the last wedge to be manufactured, with production running until 1991, and the last car being registered in 1992. It was identical to the 390 but for the marginally larger engine.Jason Vaughan's 400 SEJason Vaughan's 400 SE

Jens Ratsey-Woodroffe's 400 SE
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420 SE (1986-1987)

The 420 took the SE range one step further. Another 25 bhp was tweaked out of the engine, and more importantly another 20 lbs/ft of torque was found.

450 SE (1989-1990)

Guess what... another 212 cc, 20 horses and 30 lbs/ft of torque in 1989. TVR were getting a reputation!

450se-04.jpg (17259 bytes)
Jonathan Cirkel's 450SE


Model Engine Power Torque Weight Max Speed 0 - 60 mph 0 - 100 mph
350 SE Rover V8 3947 cc 280 bhp n/a 1150 kg n/a 5.8 n/a
390 SE Rover V8 3905 cc 275 bhp 270 lbs/ft 1150 kg 144 mph 5.6 secs 14.9 secs
400 SE Rover V8 3948 cc 275 bhp 270 lbs/ft 1150 kg 145 mph 5.6 secs 14.8 secs
420 SE Rover V8 4228 cc 300 bhp 290 lbs/ft 1150 kg n/a n/a n/a
450 SE Rover V8 4441 cc 320 bhp 310 lbs/ft 1150 kg 150 mph 5.2 secs