Verdict: V8s are great!

What more is there to say? As mentioned, this isn't a conventional group test and therefore doesn't have a conventional verdict. There isn't a best car and there isn't a worst - this was a celebratory assembly, a V8 testimonial if you will, as the breed dies out.

The Maserati has to feature prominently in the closing thoughts though, for having perhaps the most thrilling engine on sale today. In response, noise and performance, it's a sublime reminder of all that will be lost when the naturally aspirated V8 moves on. If you are in the position to try one, you must.

All the cars have their appeal though, from the irreverent Jeep to the curious Lexus. All have brilliant engines too, likeable and slightly naughty V8s that charm on nearly every journey. They'll be sorely missed, put it that way.

But to ensure this doesn't end on a low point, let's hear your V8 stories. Do you have an M5, a Corvette, an AMG hero or something similar? We'd love to hear about it, in every sense!

Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Maserati MC Stradale
Lexus RCF
Ford Mustang GT
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT