Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT: V8s are great!

Switch! The Jeep could barely offer a more different driving experience to anything else here, but all are of course linked by an atmospheric, big-cube V8. Indeed with 6,417 cubic centimetres of capacity, the only larger naturally aspirated engine currently on sale we can think of is the Lamborghini Aventador. One claim to fame at least...

Outta my way!
Outta my way!
Truth is, a focus on engines really helps the Jeep. While we're not formally assessing the cars, the Hemi is clearly the best part of this one, and also the most traditional, V8ey kind of experience. While you might expect the Mustang to be the torque-rich, rowdy slice of Americana, it's the Jeep that occupies the role more comfortably.

It does that typically lumpy cross-plane thing throughout the rev range, thundering through to a relatively low redline with intent and a ton (imperial, naturally) of torque. Eight gears help keep the Hemi in the meat of its powerband though, to be honest, it seems to pull hard whatever revs are on the dial.

And it's fast too, if not in the bombastic way of some of its forced induction alternatives. The gearing will again help here but, despite its heft, this is the second most powerful car here and only 9hp behind the top dog. Right up until the Jeep is challenged - it doesn't take a great deal, to be honest - there's something quite brutishly appealing about the big SRT. Perhaps the UK isn't really the place for it to shine (unless on a UK drag strip perhaps), though the fact a 6.4-litre V8 exists in any car should remain a cause for celebration.

: 6,417cc V8 
Transmission: 8-speed auto, four-wheel drive 
Power (hp): 468@6,250rpm 
Torque (lb ft): 460@4,100rpm 
0-62mph: 5.0sec 
Top speed: 160mph 
Weight: 2,360kg 
MPG: 20 (NEDC combined) 
CO2: 328g/km 
Price: £69,830

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