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TV remote question

Gordon Bennett 6 Saturday 31st January 2009 MaximumJed

samsung av-r270

andrew_huxtable 1 Saturday 31st January 2009 andrew_huxtable

Blu-Ray / DVD player

LeoSayer 1 Saturday 31st January 2009 LeoSayer

just been delivered

therealpigdog 1 Friday 30th January 2009 therealpigdog

different sort of tv question

tbops 15 Friday 30th January 2009 scott.s

Best format / software for storing music / blu ray

flyingjase 17 Friday 30th January 2009 DavidY

Region codes DVD and Blu-ray

Weslake-Monza 4 Friday 30th January 2009 DavidY

Sky Plus[123]go to new posts

croggers 52 Thursday 29th January 2009 Dover Nige

Budget Camcorder help

smartie 8 Thursday 29th January 2009 cjs

Had my Linn Index for 15yrs now...

Brummmie 5 Thursday 29th January 2009 Brummmie

Surround sound system problem

theshrew 7 Thursday 29th January 2009 Plotloss

Plasma wall brackets[123]go to new posts

theboyfold 51 Wednesday 28th January 2009 theboyfold


danhutton 1 Wednesday 28th January 2009 danhutton

Magic eye not powering on sky box

grumbas 9 Wednesday 28th January 2009 grumbas

Sky HD price reduction

skoff 12 Wednesday 28th January 2009 skoff

Decent surround sound on a budget

Legend83 12 Wednesday 28th January 2009 Legend83

DVB-C - Anyone here know much about this?

beanbag 1 Wednesday 28th January 2009 beanbag

Subwoofer causing a tornado in the room

jacobyte 18 Tuesday 27th January 2009 FrankDrebbin

HD Recorder for Virgin digital?

breezy 2 Tuesday 27th January 2009 Zod

40-42" LCD TV HD 1080 only for watching DVDs - resolution?

Weslake-Monza 5 Tuesday 27th January 2009 LeoSayer