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dinkel 0 Tuesday 18th May 2004 dinkel

Cleaning carbon off valves?

B19GRR 7 Tuesday 18th May 2004 wedg1e

Can i use a turbo boost gauge

Buffalo 2 Tuesday 18th May 2004 GavinPearson

X-FLow to Endura

gdrosier 1 Monday 17th May 2004 nighthawk

Your favourite engines[12]go to new posts

V8thunder 36 Monday 17th May 2004 dinkel

small block chevy oil pressure

studog 11 Sunday 16th May 2004 andycanam

Piston suppliers with online specs?

B19GRR 10 Sunday 16th May 2004 B19GRR

Extra weight on the crank pulley

daxtojeiro 8 Friday 14th May 2004 Boosted LS1

Starting problems - Rover 100

gdrosier 5 Thursday 13th May 2004 annodomini2

Starter motor question[12]go to new posts

dern 23 Thursday 13th May 2004 dern

Exhaust parts suppliers

dern 15 Thursday 13th May 2004 alfa dave

Fact or Fiction ?

Alpineandy 5 Thursday 13th May 2004 Alpineandy

Turbine engines?

humpbackmaniac 9 Thursday 13th May 2004 pdV6

gearbox for pinto engine

degz 6 Wednesday 12th May 2004 wavey

Making your own HT leads

dern 6 Wednesday 12th May 2004 dern

Engine Help

white_van_man 6 Wednesday 12th May 2004 White_van_man

Bike engined Kits Paddle Gear-shifter

gzus11 17 Wednesday 12th May 2004 Frik

End of the RV8?

budd 8 Tuesday 11th May 2004 budd

New Project

2ndGenMech 2 Tuesday 11th May 2004 2ndGenMech

Silicone Hoses ?

kjr 4 Tuesday 11th May 2004 kjr