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greymrj 13 Friday 15th April 2016 spinnaker

Paint codes[123]go to new posts

CTE 42 Wednesday 23rd March 2016 Barkychoc

Replacement Rotary Switches for S1 and S2[12]go to new posts

Gerald-TVR 24 Friday 5th February 2016 greyhulk

Door Lock wire modification[12]go to new posts

greymrj 24 Wednesday 8th July 2015 phillpot

Can I fit the 24v Cosworth V6?[123]go to new posts

mickypee 50 Saturday 27th December 2014 Alan Whitaker

Clutch Cylinder part numbers[12]go to new posts

orange_dodo 27 Wednesday 27th August 2014 Scoobimax

Door Hinges[123]go to new posts

Gerald-TVR 45 Sunday 3rd November 2013 Top Gear TVR

Removing Body from Chassis

kev s3 18 Monday 13th August 2012 HvdWeerden

Roof catches

Gerald-TVR 1 Thursday 17th November 2011 Gerald-TVR

S2 Dash Removal & Heater Fix

Bobhon 11 Monday 3rd October 2011 Top Gear TVR

Ford Braking System for TVR S Series Cars Updated

Gerald-TVR 5 Thursday 21st July 2011 Gerald-TVR

Radiator hoses 2.9

hvdweerden 9 Friday 8th July 2011 ketvrin

body removal

shaun s3c 3 Wednesday 8th June 2011 tvrgit


jims2 10 Monday 16th May 2011 DeadSpider

Window Channel Felts

Gerald-TVR 2 Sunday 27th February 2011 Jed-S

Steering Rack Overhaul

mep12345 5 Monday 19th July 2010 V6 Addict

S Series Indicators[12]go to new posts

mep12345 21 Friday 25th June 2010 mikel003003

How to use the Pistonheads search facility

Gerald-TVR 6 Monday 7th June 2010 Dave_M

fuel injectors

orange_dodo 8 Tuesday 20th April 2010 ketvrin

S Indicators - a glimmer of hope......[12]go to new posts

Barkychoc 21 Tuesday 19th January 2010 Scoobimax

Thorney Old Problem where to put the Pressure Cap[12]go to new posts

Gerald-TVR 40 Sunday 29th November 2009 tvrgit


macL 3 Wednesday 9th September 2009 ketvrin

V8S Flexible Brake Hose Information

Barkychoc 8 Tuesday 11th August 2009 Bobhon

door rehanging[12]go to new posts

johns3 31 Saturday 27th June 2009 SDF1965

OBD/ ECU diagnostic port is located .......

Bonefish 9 Thursday 18th June 2009 Bonefish

Pimp my Alternator!

Barkychoc 3 Friday 12th June 2009 phillpot

Engine mountings

Tant 11 Wednesday 6th May 2009 Wiz

New Fuel Cap Seals now available

Barkychoc 17 Thursday 16th April 2009 TonupS2

Door Hinges (Can't Find The Thread)

neil240970 4 Monday 8th December 2008 Mr Plow

Oil - New useful link

ketvrin 4 Monday 24th November 2008 Gerald-TVR

Steering Column Switches

Gerald-TVR 12 Friday 11th July 2008 mep12345

Tyre Advice please for my S2[12]go to new posts

Gerald-TVR 27 Tuesday 1st April 2008 greymrj

Top front ball joint[123]go to new posts

Barkychoc 52 Monday 23rd July 2007 pies

I need new shocks and springs. What should I go for?[12]go to new posts

BurdeG 37 Wednesday 11th October 2006 the gazman

Cooling system caps - what pressure rating?[12]go to new posts

matttav 37 Friday 16th July 2004 NicBowman

How do you remove the side repeaters?

vodkakid 16 Wednesday 10th March 2004 Roy C

24V Cosworth Lump[12]go to new posts

Si350i 21 Wednesday 8th January 2003

How do I clean the rear screen?

TA_S2 17 Thursday 10th October 2002

How do I stop my gearstick buzzing?

Paceracing 14 Saturday 4th May 2002

Tracking / alignment readings[12]go to new posts

s2 giles 25 Thursday 2nd May 2002

Gearstick gaitor replacement

s2 giles 6 Friday 5th April 2002

Will my S ground out on the Le Shuttle/Channel Tunnel?

GBGaffer 14 Friday 22nd March 2002

Alternator - is it charging?

srdtvr 13 Tuesday 22nd January 2002

CV Joint - Part Numbers?

vodkakid 8 Wednesday 26th December 2001

Roof Panels for S1

Gary B 3 Thursday 13th December 2001

V8S door hinge - HELP

JSG 7 Friday 7th December 2001

Tracking Settings

PetrolTed 0 Tuesday 20th November 2001

Where/how can I repair my plastic rear screen?

kapadiy 5 Thursday 18th October 2001

Parts List: Headlamp (lens)

PetrolTed 0 Wednesday 17th October 2001

Parts List: Headlamp (Sealed Unit)

PetrolTed 0 Wednesday 17th October 2001

Parts List: Filler Cap

PetrolTed 0 Wednesday 17th October 2001

How can I restore my roof panels?

vodkakid 9 Thursday 30th August 2001

Fuel gauges - are they all completely random?

pdavison 6 Tuesday 14th August 2001 Roy C