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RE: Pic of the Week: Caterham at Brands Hatch

RE: Pic of the Week: Caterham at Brands Hatch

Friday 3rd August 2012

Pic of the Week: Caterham at Brands Hatch

A bit of gratuitous GP circuit action

It might not quite be the Nurburgring, and it might not quite be as interesting as the supercharged R300 that Dale Lomas tried earlier this week, but Dan's recent track day at the Brands GP circuit in a Caterham Supersport looks like it was quite a lot of fun.

And although you probably couldn't quite call the Brands Hatch GP loop the Nordschleife of the UK, it's still quite a circuit.

This little photo also tells a tale of an appealingly down to earth car company. Because the chap driving the tracking car is none other than the new boss of Caterham Cars, Graham Macdonald. Good chap.

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Friday 3rd August 2012
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I'm having (saving) this - a bit of colour too!


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Sunday 5th August 2012
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Lovely. Se7ens should be like Starburst, so this one is orange flavour!