down rating my 1980 Ford F350

down rating my 1980 Ford F350



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Tuesday 14th May
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Hi all,
Need your help please.
I own a 1980 Ford F350 Dually that I'm trying to down-rate so that I don't have to go through an expensive HGV test every year. I needed it for towing a 1950 Spartan Mansion trailer but I'm selling that.
Does anyone know how to do this as DVLA have no bloody clue!
I can now go historic and therefore tax exempt, but want to go test exempt too.
Has anyone done this?
Would really appreciate some help pls.



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Wednesday 15th May
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This should help

Regards to hgv side its all dvsa and not dvla.

Alternative if you have a dvsa test site close by you could stop past.

But mostly how heavy is the f350 empty. If it's around 3 tonne empty then you have 500kgs to pay with with bodies and luggage before risking being over weight if limited to 3.5tonne