Importing modded cars?

Importing modded cars?



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Monday 20th May
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Pure idle curiosity here but does anyone know if there are there any restrictions on importing modded vehicles from the US? Engine swapped; different tranny; different interior; modded bodywork; etc?

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Monday 20th May
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Importing a damaged, rebuilt or modified vehicle
If your vehicle has been damaged, rebuilt or modified in another country, DVLA may:

give your vehicle a Q registration number

give your vehicle a new vehicle identification number (VIN)

put a marker on your vehicle log book (V5C) - to show that your vehicle has been altered or assembled using different parts

ask for Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA)
My car was imported with a larger engine, all declared on paperwork, didn't have any issues, didn't need to IVA or do anything out of the norm. I'm sure a more heavily modified vehicle, or with less era correct modifications might attract a little more attention, but I have no experience of that.

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Tuesday 21st May
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You might want to take a look at this