Standard Exhaust System

Standard Exhaust System



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Thursday 20th May 2004
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I have just bought an '03 VX n/a. It is great fun and I am very pleased with it, very glad i didn't go for the elise...... however....It has a sports exhaust and has been de catted. I have the Cat but the insurance company are very "neg" about the exhaust. Does anyone have an original box that they have replaced that they would like to sell? or know where I can get an approved one at a sensible price?
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Thursday 20th May 2004
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Who's exhaust is it?

If it is Vauxhalls, then it is approved and adds very, very little to the overall performance.

wrt the CAT, are you sure it is the main cat that has been removed? A number of us have had the pre-cat removed and this makes a noticable improvement in air flow and pick up, but again little difference in BHP.

The pre-cat is not a legal requirement on cars until 2005 iirc, and can not be tested for on the current MOT. FYI it is to very dense and designed to catch those nasty little emissions on start up.

The pre-cat has been declaired on my insurance and with no change on premium.

Come over and chat on and you will probably get several offers of standard systems.

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