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Astra G connector search



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Perhaps Le Massif de PH can help me with a knotty problem.

I have a 2006 Astra Bertone convertible with one of these...

At the top is the the triple information display (TID) and this is when it when it was behaving.

I put in some blue LEDs, took out the orange diffuser from behind the screen and it looked like this...

Now, it's gone dim and when I use the dimmer wheel, it goes dimmer when I put it to bright and vice
versa. Oddly, the LEDs in the heater control panel work perfectly.

What I want to do is put 12 volts, or possibly 4,000 volts, into it and see what happens.
The snag is that putting lives on to the pins in the display's connector is asking for a short circuit.

So, I need another of these...

That's the 12-pin connector that fits in the back of the display.

I need one just like in the pic, cut off the main loom but with enough of the wires
on to let me follow the colour coding.

I've tried eBay, the online clubs and even tracked down one in Singapore - a steal with free postage but £33 delivery!

If anyone has a dead Astra and can post the item, beer tokens are in the offing.