RE: Super VX220

RE: Super VX220

Thursday 8th April 2004

Super VX220

Forget turbos - bolt on a supercharger! Just think of the bragging rights...

Leading Vauxhall performance engineering company Courtenay Sport Ltd has revealed details of its brand new supercharger conversion for the Vauxhall VX220. Designed to fit the 2.2-litre 147bhp car, Courtenayโ€™s supercharger package increases overall power to a VX220 Turbo matching 203bhp. Similarly, torque output jumps from 150lb/ft to an impressive 185lb/ft, comparable to the standard VX220 Turbo performance, but at a lowly 3500rpm.

More importantly, between 2000 and 6000rpm over 80% of peak torque is always available, making for a highly flexible unit. Overall performance figures are yet to be finalised, but are estimated at 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds, with a top speed of over 140 mph. Plus, thanks to the instant response and torquey nature of the supercharged engine, the in-gear acceleration times should eclipse the standard factory VX220 turbo.

Despite an additional 20kg of ancillaries the finished car weighs in at 895kg, substantially less than the 930kg of the VX220 Turbo. Developed as an exclusive joint venture between Courtenay Sport Ltd and Delta Motor AG of Switzerland, the package uses a screw-style centrifugal supercharger plus a hard-wired supplementary ECU. Running a conservative 0.5 bar of boost (low enough not to require an intercooler) the supercharger unit uses an integral independent oil reservoir for maintenance free reliability.

Impressively, the conversion is fully homologated to meet stringent Swiss emission standards, while thanks to an ingenious boost bypass system, it will return near standard economy figures at cruising speed.

Priced at ยฃ5500.00 including VAT, Courtenay offers a 12 month, unlimited mileage warranty on the conversion.

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Thursday 8th April 2004
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Why bother when the standard turbo is only 2.5k more expensive than the standard VX. At least the VXT has a good resale, this version won't



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Thursday 8th April 2004
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I do like the idea of the boost bypass for cruising, though.


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Thursday 8th April 2004
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True, but if you've got a 3 year old VX (like me ), it'd be cheaper to bolt on the supercharger than to upgrade to a turbo... Mind you, it's close wise.



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Thursday 8th April 2004
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203 bhp

I got 270 now