Picking up tomorrow, many doubters.

Picking up tomorrow, many doubters.



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Monday 15th July 2019
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I've never thought of the mustang interior as being cheap , it looks fine to me , you can't compare them with german cars at 3x the price , nothing comes close to a mustang for the money

I've had my 2018 (2017MY) GT shadow edition for a year now and it makes me smile as much now as the day I drove it off the dealers forecourt.

Nothing gone wrong with it , just had it's first service which went without any problems

I bought the 3 year package direct from ford , £597 for 3 services 30,000 miles which I assume is made up of £149 £299 £149

How much is a V8 Audi or Mercedes to service over that period


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Saturday 20th July 2019
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Don't mock too soon , had a tail light go on mine(16) last week , bulb no chance it's a whole new unit from Ford gifted to you at $860CDN . Needless to say I went elsewhere , jokers to the left etc rotate


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Wednesday 21st August 2019
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Wow, right, many questions! Having just posted in here and now reading this I feel a tad silly.

Anyways, im like the poster, looking for a daily however all the noises in the back of my head say no. Well, im trying to silence them!

My interior rattle concerns can be put to rest seeing that stunning interior on page 2 - what seats are those? Think ive seen them in the GT500..... Just love the overall re-trim!

Royal wheels will likely do the steering wheel, to start if i did end up with one. Theres a red stang on Autotrader on low miles but the wheel looks shocking.

One of the BMW fan boy comments - thats me! always have / had Bimmers. Trying to pull myself away now and follow the dream (even though its not quite a 67GT500E)

Guess the obvious answer now is to just dive in, head first and dont even bother taking a breath!