Budding videographer wanted

Budding videographer wanted



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Friday 15th November
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Simpo Two said:
Well, you can define amateur and pro either by quality of work, or how much they get paid. The two are not always linked. A good amateur can do better quality work than a bad pro if the former is talented and the latter a good salesman.

In this case I'd say a pro does it for a living - so has to charge a living rate - and an amateur has a dayjob so can do it for beer money if he wishes.
I mean, that's ignoring the literal definition of an amateur but I agree with the sentiment that it doesn't necessarily dictate quality.

I would envy the amount of spare time someone must have to shoot a week of footage and spend at least 3 times that editing it around an actual shift pattern where they work. Having an amateur commit to a task like that is a big ask, especially when they've had to pay their own way to do it.


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Saturday 16th November
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A few years back, I was asked to photograph a band who were performing at a major music festival. They were one of the opening acts on the Friday afternoon; someone I knew was the drummer's Dad. No payment was offered or asked for. I got two passes for me and my mate (bag carrier :-) ) and we spent the entire weekend milling around back stage at a major music festival and had a cracking time, repeated each year for three years with the credentials that initial one giving me enabling me to gain access and shoot stuff at other festivals that I then sold on. All off the back of that initial freebie.

Did a few photoshop favours for someone last year. That someone works in catering for one of the LMP1 teams and the favour turned into an all-access pass at LeMans this year, where I captured stuff that I used to make photo art that I then sell.

Designed and organised printing for party invitation for someone I only vaguely knew for the launch of a new tech start up. they had no money for the invite but I got invited to the party instead and took one of my clients as a bit of corporate entertaining. The tech company ended up being a £20k a month client for 2 years.

Point is that whilst there has to be limits to generosity, it's also worth keeping an eye on the bigger picture.


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Tuesday 19th November
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Words fail me.


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Wednesday 20th November
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SCEtoAUX said:
Words fail me.