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S1 and 1.5 Owners List

#memberTypecolouryearAll/Part RegAreaRemarksWhen boughtLast Confirmed?
1cnpriorS1Maroon !1988E660 TDASouth YorksNeeds a lot of loving attention+MONEY !!dec-102011
3pscS1Red1988-East Midlands--2010
4CTES1mid metallic blue-----2009
5db800S1Monza Red-----2009
6SteveHS1Red1989F215 GNWLincolnshireBought off GlenC20092009
7greymrjS1BRG1988--with V8 bonnet!-2009
9Le TVRS1Glacier White19886201XX31FranceTotal mechanical restoration in 2015. Almost a new TVR19892018
11HK 280SS1Red1988-HK-2011-
12jim2607S1Monza Red1988F27 OLHFarnham, SurreyRepatriated from Northern IrelandMay 082016
13MurchmanS1deep blue1988F789MBTStockportreplaced brake servo and MC and re painted chassisOct 2011-
14magpiesS1Toyota Metallic Blue1988E860YGNTeesside Cossy 24v/MT75/big brakes/refurbed chassis. Been on the road for 4 years and now in need of better engine etc still fun to drive except for niggly problems that only happen on organised tripsfeb-092018
17mytvrandbayS1---West Yorks--2010
19aruckS1Red1988A12 RUCCheshire-20002010
20drmaloneyS1Monza Red1988F881 PBULancashireNo. 540 - analogue clock, Walnut Dash, manual windows, FANTASTIC!!20062011
21catretrieverS1.5Cobalt Blue (P420/8870)--HertfordshireLooks like crap, goes like stink20072016
22Gerry McS1.5Green1989B313TVRSouth Lanarkshire-20092011
23Charva929S1.5White1989G923 GRPCumbria-20092011
24The Beaver KingS1.5Red1989F365 UORRedditchSlowly tarting up, S1 with 2.9ltrSep-082014
25 mikel003003S1light blue 1989-Cornwallbody is back onjune 20102015
26orange_dodoS1.5 Monza Red 1989F133 ***SouthamptonVery, very, very loud!Aug-092012
27nzdaveS1 Red 1987TVR1New Zealandoriginal condition20012018
28S1.5FS1.5 Jag Pacific Blue 1988- DevonNow has all leather interior smileNov 20032009
29tony69S1Midnight Blue metallic1988E***FSODerbyshireFull-on restoOct 2015feb2018
30v8_simonS1.5 red 1988F999 *** Essex 4.6 v8 Aug-882013
31Davidh2905S1 Brown 1988E***KUY Lincoln Full restoration ground up Nov 2011-
32WotnoV8S1Caribbean Blue1988E**VOVTaysideReg'd May 88. Twin bonnet pulls. Not perfect but loving it. Feb 20172018
33BriskdubS1BRG1988E365CBAHampshireMostly cosmetic work to doNov 092011
34NZ S1S1Red1988 TVRS1New ZealandEarly model with twin bonnet catches20042009
35SharpyS3cMonza Red1991J***LKENorth West Norfolk19972011
36DonnysouthernerS1red1986 A**COYDoncasterLouder than my old MGBNov 092011
37toast boyS1.5Mica Red1989F936JEONewcastleJust completed body off restoration20052009
38Alan WhitakerS1red1988E781 HOYLeeds-completed body off restoration20062011
39PhilbrookerS1Blue1989F408 MLRSouth Bucks HertsUndergoing Chassis Refurb-2010
40ScousekS1.5Blue1988New Oz regSydney - AustraliaShipped it Oz,now undergoing restorationNov 092010
41Paul SnookS1Silver1988E2 JJpSwindon WiltsReplaced outer chassis members, now MOTd and on the M4 !March 20102010
42GlenrobboS1Mist BlueSept 1987E*** ELY "Austin"StockportOne of first 20 production cars, no flick wipe, twin bonnet catches, OZ Slots. Gaz shocks & poly bushes fitted 2013 Aug 20112017
43baileyboyS1red1988F*** TLUChesterfield/Derby'sFirst TVR,black interia, none std seats and mirrors to sort,twin bonnet catches, OZ wheels, great sound20112011
44silvervagenS1Artic WhiteFeb 1987**-RKH-3NetherlandsLHD, bought from first(lady)-owner(UK-Saudi Arabia,Twin bonnet catches, OZ Wheels, dark blue interior, original and unrestored. Full history from day120062017
45theronkinatorS1.5Maroon1989TVR xxSWest YorksIs my dad's, runs great, elec windows, has custom hard top and dash/indicator bulbs swapped for LEDs. Original reg, F964 xxx20012013
46SmadmaxS1Imperial Yellow1987E800WGNAberdeenshireV early Twin bonnet catches, OZ wheels, Digital clock. 20112012
47BigRedTVRS1Monza Red1987E756FLLHampshireEarly one, "normal" dials, Twin bonnet catches, OZ wheels, Digital clock, on the road again.19922012
49Andy MercGS1Red1988E571XKCPeterboroughVery Early One, slowly working through the gremlinsMay 20122012
50TreVoR S1S1Red1987TUF184HerefordOne of the "First Twenty" batch, top of Page 7 in Steve Heath book, sadly on SORN last 6 years.Aug 19892012
51shadeyS1Black1988E76 ENKKings LynnRecent body off restoration, powder coated chassisSept 20122012
52AxemanSS1Red1987E*** *** Bicester Early Digital clock dash model but with 2.9 24v Cosworth BOA - now with headlights I can see by and new springs and dampers - electrics sorted - need passenger side window winder mechanismNov 20142018
53SS2S1.5Red1989F*** RLUSouthamptonCurrently garagedSept 20122012
54DaveLynchS1Racing Green1988E**FEOLancsGetting lots off TLC but purrs like a kitten!!!Dec 20122013
55Simon68S1BRG1988F*** SUVSth LincsFirst TVR October 20122012
56jg6461S1Silver1987E145 KUWSt LouisEarly VIN #323, fully restoredJuly 20132013
57marceliS1Midnight Blue1988 - PolandLHD #340, power steering, custom exhaust by notable MG MotorSport from PolandFebruary 20132013
58Mikestvrs1S1Monza red 1988TVR***KDorset Unused for 10 years, resurrected MOT'd and running well. but rusty chassis now being rebuilt to complete restorationJuly 20112014
59Ali BS1.5Regency Red1988F***HEOS.Hants.Resurrection is commencing, summer 2014March 20022014
60cjd2005S1Red1988F*****MTeessideBest car in the world, very realiable, used as my wedding car last year!March 20122013
61kitchskiS1 (I think)Charcoal Grey Met.1989F913PRKHampshireVery late S1, OZ 8-spokes but with 2.8 engine. Full body-off chassis resto, 260mm front brake conversion, rear disc conversion, Cosworth LSD, ACT headers, S3 tailpipes.....just lots of OE+ mods. Still looks totally original from the outside. Southways Automotive demo carJune 20132017
62jmccraryS1Racing Green1987E******MildenhallAll orignal S1September 20132013
62loach1S1.5Blue1988F680AWTNorth Carolina2.9, Chimaera seatsDecember 20132014
63JddaleyS1Blue1987E???TVRSouth YorkshireNeeds a little TLC, on the whole solidSept 20132014
64GeoS1White1987E***KUWAyrshireEarly exampleMay 2014TBC
65PhilH42S1Red1988E***FJMEssexSOLD 201520142016
66SunnysuS1Red1988F787PLAShropshireOn going project - back on the road again after many years in storage.May 20142017
67scoote7002S1Rosso Red1988E9** KUYSwansea...April 19982014
68BrunoMS1Green19871-OBW-***Bruges, Belgiumfirst TVRSeptember 20142014
69BillC99S1.5Metallic grey1988F677AWTBlackpoolOn going track day sprint project-off the road since 2000 Up and running September 2015September 20142016
70P100S1Daytona Yellow1988E853YGNMidlandsundergoing full rebuildNovember 20132015
71greenrangerS1Ash Green Metallic1988F868FLGBirminghamUndergone full body off restoration with upgradesJune 20152016
72mungralS1dark metallic Green198888 TVRNSW Australiamy first TVR, was imported to Australia in 1999August 2015-
73brianthesnailS1dark Metallic Blue1989F***YU*West YorkshireMy Second TVR S, saw a car that needed saving so gone halves with a friend to rebuild, a good stable mate for the S3 I have just got back on the road after an 11year lay offFebruary 7th 20162016
74TrefheadS1 MetalicBlack1988F22OLHSouthampton Second S after my first was stolen. Known this one since new. Just got chassis back for PBCM
75S1robertS1Mica Blue1988F214 HEOHerefordshireHaving some tlcSept20162016
76Alan 1209S1Red, Final Colour not yet decided1988F regLondon2nd TVR. Undergoing major re-buildNov 2015-
77Tvrs19882004S1English Racing Green1988E982CGYNorth East England1st TVR. February 2017-
78dee_lomS1Arabian Blue1988-BelgiumFirst TVR - a lot TLC. Nov 2016-
79WhatamIgettingmyselfintoS1Mist Blue1988F641**MWoking/Southampton1st TVR - Project! April 2017-
80A13XXXS1Imperial Yellow1987E800WGNBlackpoolV early Twin bonnet catches, OZ wheels, Digital clock. 1st classic car project!2017-
81haydenfS1Midnight Blue1988F***FFMCambridgeshireYears of fun just no problemsMay 19992018
82BercilacS1White1988F410YUAKnutsfordRed roof, beige & red interior, project ;-).20182018
83Aap2S1British Racing Green198849***HLCataloniaMechanical restoration in 2018 and TLC in the future. 20182018
84Pauls SS1Cobalt Blue1988?HertfordshireRemarksbrought 2010Last Confirmed?

S2 Owners List

#MemberTypeColourYearAll/Part RegAreaRemarksWhen BoughtLast Confirmed?
01Ben DKS2 British Racing Green 1989-DenmarkBody off restoration-2009
02BonewackerS2Silver ---Supercharged-2011
03drtvrS2 Monza Red 1989-ScarboroughFirst TVR (from boroboy) - it is a brute!20142014
04CABSS2Brooklands Green -----2010
06DanlorS2 Green1990G648BBYStoke on Trent-Nov-072009
07TonupS2S2Blue1989-EssexOff Road taking too long for full restoration-2013
08ElfitS2 Grey 1990G57EGMNorthumberland-3rd Aug 062018
09Top Gear TVRS2Crystal Blue1990G299HOSNorfolkChassis Replaced, New Rad, Cooling Pipes, Brakes, Exhaust, Stainless & Silicone Pipes, Surrey Roof, Seats, LSD and rebuilt box, new clutch, rear discs just tasty pram hood and Paint to do June-112013
10F908 TIMS2------2010
11Foxy600S2Blue -----2010
12GeoffnS2 Grey 1990- South Staffordshire--2011
13GRK290S2Blue --East DunbartonshireJuly 2013, back on the road after 2 years on SORN19962013
14GrumpytvrS2 Italian Red 1989----2011
15lewdonS2Red1989-Eastbourne3 owners and 27K miles from new. Great fun!.20112015
16JimS2S2 Blue 1989G233RGD West Lothian - Sept 93 2011
17AlvisS2 --- NW France--2010
19MickypeeS2BRG1990G***DSJBucksCosworth, T5 box and more
21KeithTVRS2Blue1989G27ALDHigh WycombeCurrent restoration project20072010
22keirangroganS2 BRG 1990G924GRP High PeakSold as restoration project 201209/982010
24mb802S2 Monza Red1989-Reading Berkshire-2010
26MR CLIFFORDS2 Red 1989G488MGCNorthampton
28Karl TVRS2Sparkling Graphite1990G404 DCFNorth WestS2 with S4 Bonnet, which I smashed frown S2 bonnet againJune-102013
29AndrewS2S2Cooper Green1989OIL6246North West S1.5 with 2.9 engine and full walnut dash. Total restoration completed from October 2013 to October 2017. Fully restored chassis, bodywork & respray and new interior. Sept 20092018
30Barry S1S2Snowberry White1990G-ARV EssexLoving the extra power!Oct-152016
31S2ANDYS2 Mica Blue 1990G214UKLShepshed Body of resto 09 cabin refurb and door hinges winter 2011-Successfully completed 2 Euro ToursApr-062018
32S2FANS2 Red- ----2010
33ShmernS2Moonstone Blue1990B4JGTBelfast--2010
34Spathodus77S2 Grey 1989- ---2009
35Steve jS2 Mist Blue ---after 10 years, it still makes me smile20052016
39T' Veteran RacerS2 Azure Blue1989-Cambridgeshire-Mar-082015
40TantS2 Black 1990- LincolnS3 BonnetApr-082011
41Tatty headS2 Old English white 1990-Stoke on TrentS2 with S3 dash and longer doors....-2010
42AJC77S2Cureton Green1989F928 RGSMilton KeynesHad a full body off refurb in April 2015Oct-142015
43smithy63S2Blue1990G***ALRLancsWalnut Dash, Leather, Blue HoodFeb-022011
44Ozzie54321S2Dark Silver1989G83XPLNorth YorksFailed MOT Jan 2012, dreaded outriggers. Full body off, back on road for Feb, I hope!!June 20112012
45WattoS2 Monza Red -----2009
46Whitney44S2 Blue-----2010
47spinnakerS2Metallic mid blue1989F925 HGTSussexNeeds some tlc but fun20082011
48MnSS2 Italian Red 1989- Northumberland-Jul-082011
49choppsS2Grey1989G***RGTkent-August 20112011
50TMRnoVS2Metallic Blue1989-Plymouth DevonFull re-spray and re-trim done so nearly thereOct-122013
51DavewellyS2Red1989G45 ALDSouth Wales-July 20102010
52Johnny P S2Dark Blue1990-Suffolk NorfolkSold Oct11 to new owner in GermanyMarch 092011
53kylejaggar12S2Midnight Blue1989-Cambridge-March 092009
54SCB40 S2BRG metalic1989G5-- -DXNewcastle upon Tyne sold on- with no little regret!- Jun 15 Aug 122015
55johnnywgkS2dark met blue1998F735 SLUMedway--2011
56grahamS2S2Midnight Blue1989 GSouth Walesclassic20082010
57montyburnsS2Italian Red1990-Bristol Cream InteriorAug-072010
58mick104S2Midnight Blue1990G608OGKBridgwater-April 20112017
59highburyvillaS2Blue1989 G580LWTEast Sussex**Remarks**May 20062009
60HSSV6S2Blue1990G523***Swansea-Oct 022009
62waynes2 S2Red1989F575***KernowPrevious owner SwimmerS2Jan20182018
63-TypeColourYearAll/Part RegAreaRemarksWhen BoughtLast Confirmed?
65n1ck73S2White1990G209 HOBWest Sussex--2011
66Suspect DeviceS2Mica Blue--Dorset--2010
67DEEMANS2Arctic White1990G636***SurreyNew 260mm discs and XR4 calipers done and new rear drumsSold 270820112011
68simonjcoxS2Ash Green1990G723***NorfolkLike to tinker and have funAugust 20102010
69WizzerS2Red1990G***TVRHants/Dorset -Sept 20102010
70jonesy80S2Burgundy Red1990G688MEOLondonNeeding TLC Oct 20102010
71bagpusS2Midnight Blue1990G920 GRPNorthamptonshire-Summer 20102011
72shoabS2Black1989G918***North BucksFull body off restoration and running gear overhaul now complete July 2012July 20102011
73Pete MS2Black1989G85***HertfordshireRed Interior20052016
74G15RRBS2Mercury Grey1990G58***Tyne and WearApril 20112011
75peteLROS2Midnight Blue1990G409***SurreyMay 20112011
76drak ulas2green for now1989BIO ADBLondonwas next door neighbours wreck, swapped him my old woodburner for it, rebuilt it myself with upgrades (goodridge lines & fittings for brakes & clutch, all alloy race radiator from subaru impreza wrx sti (not sexually transmitted infection), fiesta brake m/c, one-off fabricated door hinge brackets) then sold it, missed it, bought it back exactly 3 years later. 2nd time round mod's include; moto lita 12" wheel for a bit more knee room, '96 chimaera seats. think i'll keep it this time! still upgrading, want more power now!2009present
77grotboxS2Red1990G434BBYCambridgeshireAugust 20102011
78ToppieS2Blue 1989608BUSBelgiumApril 20102016
79TopVpowerRoadsteS2 Blue 1990 G879BLJ Belgium2014
80TVR TELLS2Red1989G***TVRKentFeb 2012SOLD
81NiceCupOfTeaS2Magenta1990G39ALDKentLoved this car, rarely gave trouble but sold Sept 17 due to lack of use. Sadly exported to Eire so lost the "Gerald" reg which the dVLa kindly wouldn't let me put on retention. Hope the car resurfaces. Jun 20122017
82BrettsterS2Misty blue1990G**ALREssexJun 20122012
83Adrian GS2White1991 4385 Guernsey Jan 2013 2013
84dezgliddenS2Green1989G*WBYNottinghamshireMechanicals almost all there, now just needs some interior/exterior TLC..Jan 20092013
85Alan461S2Nimbus Grey1989F178GWULeicesterMay 20132016
86simon greeneS2Mica Blue1990G586LWTEssexGentle restorationFeb 20132013
87Vixen CKDS2Blue1990G440 ATFBerkshire'13 full respray and recut of wheels, '12 new stainless exhaust and dash reupholstered, '10 new hoodSept 20042013
88norfolkcols2Petrol Blue1989G213YLHNorfolkWinter projectOctober 2013
89cjwigglesworthS2Monza Red1990B2 CJWNorfolk'13 Partial Re- Spray, '12 Gaz Shocks Put On + New Hood + Wheels Re-furbed,'08 Stainless Tank; Chassis and Driver Seat Need TLCSep 2000Jan 2014
90TVReesS2B/R/G1989G regHungaryFull body off 80% done. Will finish in 2019Jul 2015Aug 2018
91RobS2S2Red1990G***TVRHampshire First TVR, bought from 'Wizzer' smile Apr 2015Sold 2015
92dave280S2B/R/G1990G regNorfolkFirst TVRsep20152016
93Lloyd551S2Dark Blue1989G regHertfordshireMy First TrevorJanuary 2017March 2017
94CullystvrS2MetallicGrey1989G regStHelens NWLast of the S2 has built in driving lamps promoted as the S2c2006May 2017
95Anchan747S2BRG1990G regSuffolkMy first TVR and my dream car all rolled into one!Sept 2017Sept 2017
96frontfloaterS2Burgundy pearlescent1989TVR 89 SBlackpoolThe 1989 press car, featured in Fast Lane magazine. Later crashed (not by me!) & rebuilt with 4-headlamp bonnet. Stage 2 engine rebuild during my ownership, plus lots of shiny bits.19962017
97marsredS2Tangerine1990G44 ALDBoltonFirst TVR and top entry in bucket list ticked off!20182018
98S-twoS2Nimbus Grey1990G***YRESouthamptonSecond S2, having stupidly sold previous one a few years back!20182018