Best website for used Lotus in USA?

Best website for used Lotus in USA?



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Saturday 2nd February 2008
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Hi All,

I am looking to import an Elise Mk2 or Exige MK2 to the Netherlands.
With the current exchange rate it might be interesting to import from USA with the added benefit of having a LHD vs RHD if I would import from UK.

However I am having trouble finding a good website/websites with used Lotuses besides eBay.
Any tips or hints?

Thanks in advance!


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Tuesday 5th February 2008
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Look up the LotusTalk website. It was original called Elise Talk. Has a good number of cars for sale.


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Thursday 7th February 2008
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thanks for the tip!


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Saturday 9th February 2008
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I am selling my 2006 Exige (my 2-Eleven will be coming to California soon), it is in California and I shipped a car to the UK for a friend last week so I know how to deal with that.

2006 Exige facts

I am the original owner, the car was ordered from Lotus for me and my good friends at Hethel picked the options they would want (I think they added lightness)

Phantom Black lifestyle color $1,300
Track Pack - Single adjustable Bilsteins with ride hight adjustment tools, Adjustable front sway-bar $2,500
Lotus Sport alloy Toe Link brace with subframe mount $1,100
Traction Control $475
Early car without bumpers
No touring pack - Lightest Exige I have ever seen 1,920 lbs on the scales at Lucent motors
The cloth seats breath really well and keep you cool. No carpet covering the beautiful alloy.

Soft top kit (installed) with soft top $2,000

Lotus Sport harness bar (installed) with Lotus bulkhead cover and speaker pods (needed for the LS Harness bar) $700
Two sets of Shroff 4-point ASM harnesses brand new never installed $500

Lotus Sport ECU $1,200

Star Shield $1,000

Sector111 braille battery and bracket $175

Corner balanced and geo setup by Tom at Lucent Motors - the handling is setup perfectly on this car. $600

Sector111 Micro Mirror $110

Black Sector111 Halon fire extinguisher $325

Alpine CDA-9857 head unit with iPod full speed and hidden iPod compartment. You fully control the iPod from the head unit and it shows all of the information that you would see on the iPod on the head unit. $375

Fitted Lotus soft indoor cover. $400

AC works great in this car 100x better than my 2005 Elise.

I don’t fit in this car with a helmet on so I never took it to a proper track day. I did a few laps at the Newport European day at Cal Speedway and I did one session at the 2006 West Coast Lotus Meet at Buttonwillow. I never bothered to put the hardnesses in because I knew I needed an open top car but I loved the look of the Exige (and I still do).

A048s are almost new.

Meticulously serviced by Newport European and all services done at Lotus intervals. Always garaged.

17,770 Miles

Over one year and 18k miles of warranty left.

$13k of extras.

$45K OBO

If you want the lightest possible Exige this is your car (1,920lbs with 1/2 tank of gas).

This car is totally stock and unmolested, just add a supercharger (if you want one) and have the lightest SC Exige around. All of these pictures were taken this week by me.

The lucky buyer of this car will be my new best friend and he/she will leapfrog all of my other unworthy friends and get a ride in my 2-Eleven when it gets here (BYOH - Bring Your Own Helmet).

Email me if you have any questions

I thought I would give you guys first shot at it, I will put it up on ebay next week and they won't get a ride in my 2-Eleven.

The car is in Huntington Beach, CA.

Again there are a load more high-res pictures here.


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Thursday 1st October 2015
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Went to and saw all sorts of cars--from the mundane to Panoz/Aston/Lotus.


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Thursday 5th October 2017
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join the lotustalk forum.

These dealers tend to have lotuses in stock all the time:

Gatormotorsport in indiana

newport coast auto

Nuccio auto group


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