Me thinks this forum is slightly redundant.

Me thinks this forum is slightly redundant.



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Wednesday 8th February 2012
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david968s said:
I read the Evo article on Lotus' plans for world domination the other day and brought it up with some of my colleagues who are "car guys" at the lunch table here in Houston, TX. Most of them didn't even realise that Lotus produced cars any more, let alone were selling them and had a dealer in Houston! The dealer is opposite the Jag dealer where my XFR gets looked after (a bit too regularly maybe) and I keep thinking about dropping in to check out the Evora. But you really don't see many Lotuses around here. Perhaps because they are one of the few Euro cars that are more expensive here than back home? Is a new Elise in the UK the same price as a six month old XFR?
Errm. Are you sure they're "car guys"?! I could understand them not realising that there was a model available locally to you, but surely if they're "car guys" they'd have seen car magazines and stuff...?!


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Thursday 9th February 2012
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I guess there are various degrees of car guy! Not all car guys read magazines - I limit myself very carefully on what I read since I would rather spend the $$$ on a car! But I don't see much coverage of Lotus in US mags anyway and it is pretty clear that they have a lot of room to improve brand visibility.