Which Elise do you guys get?

Which Elise do you guys get?



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Sunday 7th December 2003
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I had heard that you were only getting the 111s with the extra carpet etc for comfort. Is this true or are you getting the fully stripped out afairs too?

K series engines?

Either way - great wee cars and I'm sure you're bound to have a lot of fun with them!



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Monday 8th December 2003
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They're getting a retuned version of the Toyota 2ZZ-GE as found in the Celica GT-S. Not sure about the rest.

Still don't know if it's coming to Canada, anyone?


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Monday 8th December 2003
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The aforementioned lump is 1.8L with 190bhp... Zoom...


PS: Oh - and almost forgot - Lotus wangled the 6 speed out of Toyota as well IIRC...

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Thursday 11th December 2003
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Nice article in Autoweek about the Elise.

The Toyota engine sounds OKAY, but the article was short on specifics and when the car would enter production, etc. Seems like the 2004 production is already sold out.

This should bode well for Lotus.