Lotus get-together in Florida???

Lotus get-together in Florida???



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Friday 7th May 2004
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Would anyone like to plan out a Lotus get-together here in Florida. We can all meet down south or mid way in Orlando or Tampa area. Id like to see first how many people would be interested in doing this. This wouldnt have to be a big event but Im sure I can make it one of we have enough people willing. Secondly it wouldnt HAVE to be a car show or what not, just a gathering to get to meet some new faces. And lastly we could make this a track event if it was down south. Im sure I could rent out Moroso Motorsports Park provided everyone is willing to pay a fee of course ...

But first things first, please post if your interested ... Thxs!


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Monday 10th May 2004
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Al I just posted something similar on the floridalotusclub on yahoo groups yesterday. There's quite a few Lotus owners down here. I suggest you join up on the Yahoo groups as most members frequent there. In any case, I'm game...

Regards, KM
2000 V8

PS - also saw a red V8 on 441 Boynton beach yesterday... no idea of who it is.