Garage recommendations London

Garage recommendations London



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Monday 5th April
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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum, I have a mercedes e class 2017. I have an issue where my car vibrates heavily when braking from 30 and up. When cold, its not as bad but as you brake more the worse it gets.

I've taken it to a few of my local garages who have told me without even looking at it that it's disc needs changing.

While that may be true, I'd like a good mechanic to diagnose the issue and and tell me exactly what disc/hub/part is causing vibrations. Run out measures etc.

Is there any garages In North/North west or east london area that you would highly recommend for them diagnosis?

Thank you


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Tuesday 6th April
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Speak to Sean Banks at Universal Motors in Edmonton Green, he’s a good honest chap who has helped me out on a few occasions with my car.


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Wednesday 7th April
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merc care, near arnos grove /barnet

i had simular issue and i took it to sams tyres green lanes palmers green