Bristol Italian car day 2004 was today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bristol Italian car day 2004 was today!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Saturday 1st May 2004
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I'm so annoyed!!

How could I miss it?!?

Housemates girlfriend just rang to say she's shopping in the centre and there's around a hundred Lambos, Ferraris, Maseratis etc. parked up in a pedestrianised-for-the-day zone too look over..

Can't believe there was no mention of it in this forum, or on the news thing on PH!


I'm adding the "bristol going out" section to my windows news scroller thing.

grrr aarrgh grr!

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Monday 3rd May 2004
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It wasn't until someone in work said that a customer told him there was a "Zondy...Zonder...Zindy..." parked around the corner...



Not too sure about the colour (a flat blue), but it was mighty impressive! The F40 was also