St Helens Classic Car Show

St Helens Classic Car Show



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Tuesday 1st September 2020
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Anyone know if St Helens Classic car show is being held this Sept?. There's been a number of shows and meets being held. Didn't know the Transport Festival at the aviation viewing park at Manchester Airport went ahead in July until I stumbled upon a video on youtube. Seems like alot of these local events don't get much mention on here for some reason.

Here's a few pics I took from 2019:

Gorgeous E-Type S1.5 roadster in a rare willow green. Owned said he's owned it for about 10 years, likely not an original UK RHD as I don't think there are many original UK examples in that colour, most seem to be in the states from what I've read. First time I've seen an E-Type in that colour.

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