Old NW car dealers

Old NW car dealers



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Friday 14th August 2020
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Lookers Vauxhall, Woodchurch Rd Birkenhead: Now closed.


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Saturday 21st November 2020
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Blown2CV said:
Frankthered said:
RossCampbellRoss said:
The former Lifes Morgan showroom in Southport town centre. I believe the business now shares premises in Banks with a Lotus specialist, but isn't an official Morgan dealer.

It would appear, according to their Facebook page, that they have moved back into the premises in Southport as of May 15th.

For some strange reason, this makes me very happy.
i remember that from growing up in southport. Hadn't realised it had left or returned!
I went passed there (due to this thread) about 2 or 3 weeks there and the glass front is now all bricked up and no cars outside anymore. However, there was an entrance to the right of the showroom (not shown on pic) that was open and there were folk working on Morgans in there so there is a business there but no showroom to speak of.