Didsburys finest!

Didsburys finest!



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Friday 14th May 2004
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No problem, I'll stay off the Lilly Poogs...



Tricky Dicky.

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Friday 14th May 2004
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trickinho said:
Go home and listen to it on real British, high-end hifi, not a car stereo where you have bugger all space for the speakers and music to breathe and construct a soundstage in which to immerse oneself

Mmmmmm...Quad electrostaticsplease!

And never mind about my age, it's not me that uses the handbrake in a TVR
...plays havoc with me arthritus trying to free it off again...
trickydicky said:
until my birthday (that's the 24th errrhem, cough, cough).....
24 my ae oh sorry, the 24th, ahh, my mistake

Heard this happen before with the handbrake - either Cav or maybe Frd 'cos the back axle/brakes are Sierra - touch of threadlock would stop it coming loose again. My h'brake clicks maybe three-four times (but still doesn't do much) - a TVR-friendly MOT man is all that's required for an easy repair