Mobile Mechanic Recommendations (Wakefield/Ossett)

Mobile Mechanic Recommendations (Wakefield/Ossett)



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Saturday 8th August
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Hi all,

Trying to arrange a Mobile Mechanic for my Mother for a service and MOT on her 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.0.

I'm down in Nottingham and she would usually come down here for a couple of days and I'd take it to my local garage I've used for years. Unfortunately she isn't in the best health at present after treatment for cancer and I'm working 6 days per week so could only get up on a Sunday. She lives alone and is currently trying to isolate as much as possible as Covid on top of everything else wouldn't end well! Means that driving to a local garage then bus/taxi home isn't an option. Mobile mechanic is only way realistically.

After someone trustworthy who won't try to take advantage and is reasonably priced.

She lives in Ossett (WF5).

Anyone have any recommendations?



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Wednesday 9th September
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Instead of the mobile mechanic route try this option. Healey Road Garage in Ossett is run by Jason who will collect the car from your mum's house, service and MOT it (MOT centre next door) and return it at no extra charge. He does this a lot so your mum would need to be giving him the keys well before 8am! I was a mobile mechanic in Ossett for 20 years and can recommend Jason. He certainly will not rip your mum off. Give him a call on 01924 260736 or if no reply then 07801443248.