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Car Storage Yorkshire



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Thursday 3rd September
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A friend of mine has a warehouse approx. 3,000 sq ft that is vacant at the moment and it would have enough room for around 20 classic cars in there.

It could be either used for winter or long term car storage. The going rate is anything from £20 a week upwards.
I was just wondering how much demand there would be for a car storage facility that would could also have extra facilities such as weekly wash, charging, re-commissioning, de-commissioning, quality servicing and maybe enough space for people to work on their own cars.
Collection and delivery could also be arranged.

It's in Ripon so accessible for most of Yorkshire.

Let me know what you think.


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Tuesday 8th September
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The biggest problem you may have is the location.

In a big city, where parking and storage are at a premium, and issues such as criminal damage to nice / classic cars is more prevalent, then there is demand for secure, yet easily accessible storage.

I live five miles or so from Ripon, and know plenty of people locally with cars (and car collections) which would fall under the category of those you’re looking to attract, but all have ample storage at their rural homes.

As a base for a classic car hire business it may have some merit though.


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Thursday 1st October
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There is abundant demand in the area. I have two cars in a similar but much larger facility about 15 miles north-east of Ripon where the owner has a long waiting list