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Sunday 25th April
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Not exactly car related, but it us Yorkshire related, but my god just read through the Mayoral Candidates official brochure that came through the door. Is this the best that West Yorkshire can muster to represent us. Quick review - staying away from party politics because that's not the place for this:

Rob Buxton - Yorkshire Party - good start, looks like honest hardworking Yorkshire lad, strong on words not pictures but advert let down by his nominee for Police & Crime
Andrew Cooper - Green Party - seems to have forgotten the party he represents, nothing about tackling climate change etc. Just a load of buzzwords.
Stewart Golton - Lib Dems -written entirely in the 3rd person, but lets slip in one paragraph and uses I - attention to detail not his strong point then.
Therese Hirst - English Democrats - lives in Essex, doesn't even mention Yorkshire in the ad - no more to say
Matt Robinson - Conservatives - standard conservative pitch but light on detail, big on photos of him
Wajid Ali - Reform UK - Farage's party - commits to no more lockdowns - surely that's outside his control and irresponsible to not follow the science.
Tracy Brabin - Labour - ex Soap Actress, and current MP, bet she'll win as the only recognisable face, claims she'll make buses publically owned. How can you reverse privatisation regionally?

None of them convince me that they are an Andy Burnham who, whether you agree with his politics or not, is certainly standing up for Manchester nationally.


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Monday 26th April
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Largely agree with the above. Mostly the usual - yawn - political speak with many promises that we know from experience will never be met.
As they all seem to want to be in charge of the police they may as well save a fortune and get rid of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

After a very quick run through of the booklet, my nomination for Talking bks is Therese Hirst with this:

"Building Exciting Affordable Sustainable Person-centred Housing, designed to have a direct positive impact on people's overall physical and mental wellbeing."

As this is a motoring related forum, good to see one candidate mentioning the P word - potholes. smile