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Monday 13th July 2020
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Yep I got done by this one last year. Travelling from Leeds towards the lakes with the family. Somebody in front of me trundling along for miles so when it opened up I sped up to pass quickly and safely, ( theres no junctions, big verges, no pedestrians and f@ck all coming the other way ), and bingo the van in the opposite layby just becomes clear as I realise I'm doing about 68/70 mph.. A joke. My speed was not dangerous. It would be more dangerous to overtake slowly and therefore have more chance of passing an oncoming car two a breast without a barrier between any of the three of us ..The standard of driving from the car I was overtaking, ( I assume there was a driver in it but it looked autonomous from behind looking at the silhouette of the headrest! ), was poor to say the least..I don't suppose they got a ticket for travelling at 20 mph under the limit..!

I fully appreciate that people could drive really quickly down there and it's a good deterrent or punishment for that but unfortunately the van cannot differentiate between a car doing 70 mph when the road is clear and 70 mph when there's something travelling in the other direction..It's a dangerous road due to the amount of traffic, the number of junctions, the mix of vehicles etc.. and I'm not suggesting there shouldn't be cameras along it but that one does feel like it's positioned in an area that is designed to catch perfectly normal people accelerating to overtake slower traffic who would then pull back into the inside lane and carry on at sensible speed. You can argue that breaking the speed limit is breaking the speed limit but I'd argue poor driving is poor driving and good driving is good driving..Safe to say it piss@d me right off and I've since spent money on a road angel as I'm not prepared to get caught and penalised in that way again as it seems unjust..

Wills2 said:
North Yorkshires camera tax team out in force around the A65 Settle bypass yesterday, 2 or 3 of them and support vans, the camera vans were placed on the nice, wide, straight sections some with an overtaking lane. (you know the really dangerous bits)

Thankfully my spider senses were working.


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Tuesday 18th May
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Bit of a bump now that roads are busier again

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