Any good roads that aren't evo triangle?

Any good roads that aren't evo triangle?



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Wednesday 19th April 2017
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Went for a drive the other day, down to Harlech and back (from Mold) and encountered some mental driving roads with equally mental scenery like the A498 with mountain vistas.

I came back round a huge lake near Bala with an RAF fighter going over me, like something out of Gran Turismo. Amazing.

I just wondered if there are any other obscure roads to go and get lost in for a pleasant afternoon?

I did all this in my tdi a3 but I have access to a mk2 TTS roadster manual.



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Sunday 23rd April 2017
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There are some great routes, I don't know what all the fuss is about regarding the Evo triangle, it's like nobody knew the area existed before Evo tested a few cars there, which is pretty ignorant really. The A5 part of it is just a place to put your foot down if you can get away with it, but boring really on that section. The other legs are ok, but personally the better part of Denbigh Moor is going the other way towards Denbigh. Maybe turn left to Llansannan and go down the Abergele road to Llanrwst, then Betws Y Coed, maybe left to Capel Curig, right over to Llanberris etc. I tend to go by bike, but not always.

Anyway it sounds like you came back down the A494. As you come back through Bala if you go left it's the A4212 which is good, and comes back onto the A470 at Trawsfynedd. If you go right instead just after Bala high street it goes over other moors for miles, towards Lake Vernwy and I can't remember where to haha

Back the other way you could go towards Machynlleth and towards Devils Bridge over some moors which has some great scenery.

Turn off the A4212 towards Ffestiniog over another moors road which is technical and great really, but dangerous in a couple of places with a drop!

So much of North Wales has fab roads, many around Snowdonia and you have to get off the main drag to find them or drive them the other way too.