TVRCC North Wales - Any Interest?

TVRCC North Wales - Any Interest?



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Thursday 2nd March 2017
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mart 63 said:
Rich (astonmos) used to be N.Wales RO but he couldn't get anybody to take over. We had a few runs out after he finished but it died off. Shame really as we have some great roads.
Thanks for taking time to reply. Had also contacted TVRCC who advised "We still have members within the area, but no one individual focussing member activities" and suggested Shropshire and West Mids clubs. That said, managed to take a quick look at a car to day and will try and look at a few more as I travel round with work.

Looking at your history Mart 63, seems like you have had a few Chims, so just the kind of insight I am after! May I ask who you go to for any maintenance work in the NW? Basic stuff I am happy to do myself and I have scoped out some options for outrigger overhauls, but would be nice to know if there are any 'go to' people out this way.

mart 63

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Friday 3rd March 2017
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I've used a few for servicing, Torque RVT at Middlewich. A bit further away Trackvroad and my last 12k service at Xworks. They had quite a few new sets of outriggers there.