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This is a discussion group primarily aimed at the TVR Tasmin, 350i, 400 and derivative models.

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Firstly, please take a look at the banner ar the top of the page, the "This Forum" tab takes you to important Wiki articles, and FAQ articles, all wedge-related:

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Upcoming Events

All BBWF 2017 & 70th Anniversary of TVR Info
Events Wedgers Are Going To This Year
Thinking of running BBWF next year? See BBWF Howto

Wedge Cars

List of TVR Wedges owned by PH members
Wedge List - Add your car

Different Wedge Models

390 vs 350


What books to read up on
How to search Pistonheads


Insurance, MOT's, buying, selling etc. Unlike the rest of the threads, this stuff will go out of date....

Technical Articles

This post is a list of the very best technical articles that have come up on Pishtonheads. If you find a good article that helped you, please add it to this list.

Wedge FAQ Articles

Parts and Tools

Wedge Parts Hoards
Fault finding spares Kit.
Hard-to-get-parts (MOT)
Wedge Alternative Parts
V6 Parts List
Wedge part numbers

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