Nice toys in Pe6 area?



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Tuesday 12th December 2017
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Looking to see who lives around my way that has an interest in cars and has an interest in meeting up every now and then as I have my new 340i and wanted to see who else has a nice toy to admire.


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Monday 18th December 2017
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Hi Tambo, I live in Spalding so not far away. I'd be up for a meet once in a while. The is a thread over in the midlands section for Lincolnshire PHers but it went dead in October. We are on a bit of boundary I guess.

I have a couple of toys you may or may not be interested in.


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Saturday 30th December 2017
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Hi I know you from old, Mark told me he'd met you on the roads he lives in Market Deeping (White E9x M3)

I'm still Cambridge way and at present have a track Mini and a F8x M3 and when weather is a little kinder I venture out that way to keep in contact with friends of old.

Feel free to wave if you spot me. Although this year that'll mostly be on track.

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Sunday 21st January
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I'm not too far away and own a 130i smile


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Thursday 25th January
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totally off topic, but LOL at driving a car in germany with the numberplace FKK.

ballsy wink