Planning of LowiePete Detailing Days in 2018

Planning of LowiePete Detailing Days in 2018



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Thursday 11th January
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Hello Folks,

First off, a date for your diaries... Saturday 28 April 2018 will be the first of a
new style of Lowiepete Detailing Day (LDD). Planning of future days always
depends on what has gone before, what feedback I receive, and of course,
keeping their content relevant.

With the plethora of new coatings, especially ceramics, being released and
prices falling as competition grows, the marketers are creating a demand
that seems to short-cut the processes needed for success. With the need to
secure both a fully cleaned and swirl-free paint surface before any ceramics
application, there isn't enough time within the present LDDs. With this in
mind, I'm planning on splitting them into two.

Since being able to hold the meets at a proper works unit, we've touched upon
machine use a little and it has been well received. What's needed is a fair bit
of work time, so what I have in mind is to hold a more advanced day or
possibly weekend where the whole process, starting from a fully prepped car
(where the basics day leaves off) is demonstrated and discussed.

This releases time within the "basics" LDD to properly cover LSP topics that
we've either missed out, or rushed because time ran away with us. With the
spring LDD being all about summer preparation, the choices of finish other
than the whole-hog of ceramics can be discussed in detail. There are still
many ways to achieve a stunning finish _without_ contending with the work
associated with ceramics.

So, at this stage I need to gauge demand for either day. The "basics" LDD is
fixed as 28 April 2018 and I'll start its own admission thread in due course.
There is no date set for the "machine" LDD yet. We'll probably have to limit
the numbers to a maximum of 10 and 4 respectively. The probability is that
the "machine" day / weekend will either be during March or in late May.

At this point I'd like to try and gauge demand for both types of LDD and if
you think the direction of travel is okay too. Feedback that only says "depends
on the date" tells us nothing, the information needed is what expectations we
can address. The start of the "basics" day won't change too much from its
present content, the emphasis post-midday will be overhauled as indicated.
Is this going to meet a need?