PHEA Roadshow: Helmingham Hall - Sunday 5th August

PHEA Roadshow: Helmingham Hall - Sunday 5th August



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Monday 6th August
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I'd like to offer a HUGE Thank You to everyone who made it along to Helmingham Hall. We welcomed some new faces amongst the seasoned veterans, and it was a pleasure to spend the day with you all.

A little wait to get in and parked up, and I appreciated your patience while I arranged us to get a good-looking stand.

A fully packed PHEA stand with the usual variety demonstrating to Helmingham what PH is all about.
Thank you also to the many PHers attending with the show individually dropping by to say "hello". It was wonderful to see you all, even it was a simple hello and wave thumbup
After chatting with everyone (I moved around a little, so as to even wear the grass wink ), I managed to have a good look round. The enjoyment of a natter meant I missed some lovely things, but there were still some fantastic cars on display - I think the glorious weather helped people stay a little longer.

On a side note, a member has lost their hat. It wasn't on the stand as we cleared up, so if it was mistakenly gathered up with your belongings, please let me know and we can arrange to have it reunited with its owner smile

My few snaps from the day will be uploaded soon, and I shall post a link to them when it's done.

See you all for the Next Roadshow, Lavenham Classics on Sunday 26th Augustthumbup


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Thursday 9th August
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