Am i to blame?



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Thursday 30th August 2018
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Hi guys

Just wondering whether you could help/advise me.

This morning on the way to work I was going around a roundabout and saw a motorcycle approach the roundabout I was on v.quickly , so much so that i let off and slowed down in anticipation of him shooting out in front of me.

As i approached the turning he would be joining from (which was already full of traffic) he then appeared without his bike, I presume he realised he was going to quick and tried to stop and locked up his wheels and went over his bars. I stopped to see if he was ok , Im now thinking would he try to or could he blame me for anything?

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Thursday 30th August 2018
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I don’t see how he can you were in the wrong. You were already established on the roundabout.


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Thursday 30th August 2018
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interesting choice of username.

As already mentioned you were already on the roundabout, it would be down to him, entering the roundabout, to ensure his path was clear and more importantly, he was travelling at an appropriate speed for that.

The fact you saw him and adjusted your course to account for his lack of concentration further adds weight to the no fault to you camp.