BMW coding in Suffolk ? For simple coding

BMW coding in Suffolk ? For simple coding



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Tuesday 15th January
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Just after some minor tweaks, light courtesy lights staying on longer and other simple non engine coding.
Any pointers for someone in Suffolk.
For an F31 2018 3 series.


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Wednesday 16th January
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I bought a C110 Mini / BMW scanner tool as I needed to reset my Mini airbag module.
It is a diagnostic tool but mine does BMW and Mini and I think it allows you to configure all the parameters, such as locking, lighting etc....
If your near Ipswich your welcome to pop in and see if it will work for what you want.

If you want to buy one I paid about £40 and it looks like they are now down to about £30, a bit more research might tell you if it will do what you want: outf:0

P.S. edited as not sure if link worked as it defaults to sticking out tongue in the link, if not search C100 scanner in e-bay.

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Tuesday 22nd January
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Think John Gagen in Cockfield could help you out.


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Tuesday 5th February
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Not sure if that's Johns sort of thing anymore, could also try Warne Motors Bury, Andy there may well be able to help.


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Bit late to the thread, sorry, but you could try AFM racing on Martlesham Heath, BMW specialists and Rob there knows his stuff.