Car/ Bike tales?

Car/ Bike tales?



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Friday 22nd March 2019
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Just putting it out there if anyone has heard a starnge tale about the odd/ precious car or bike in East Anglia.

I have 2, one of which I only found out yesterday.

However the first one was a good 7/8 years ago about a Harley Davidson purchased out Lenwade (Norfolk) way.

The bike was in a sorry state itself when bought and the new owner had decided to restore it in the best manner. Now, I'm not a bike guy but.............

He was given a number of a specialist in Germany (I think) who had a database of all frame numbers etc. So in order for him to order the correct new parts he had to divulge the frame number(s) over the phone. He was then told "Can I call you back in about 10 minutes etc"

New owner receives the call 10 minutes later.

So the guy in Germany asks "Can you unscrew the rear license plate for me please?" Owner duly does so. "Can you unscrew the saddle & lift it up from the rear please and is there a hinged plate?" Owner duly does so. Low & behold the plate was engraved "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENE PITNEY, LOVE ELVIS".

Now I don't know if thats true but you never know.........................

Second one I heard yesterday by a trusted guy.

Way back to 1984 a lady upsticked and moved to Jordan of all places but quite high up in the consolate or whatever. At the time the King of Jordan was ordering 6 Datsun 280SX to which she had a quiet word and paid for a seventh. These were a special edition at the time with a full glass roof. The car was subsequently brought back to Norwich and has been carefully garaged ever since. Bodywork needs a today, interior is immaculate, obviously new tyres, its probably on siezed brakes and the engine will need some work DOH! The guy who told me about this has to get it out of the garage soon and exported back to Jordan where it will be fully restored. After hearing this it took me back to one of my sneaky mates who mentioned he went to view said car and "if" he had the garage space he would have had it in a heartbeat.

So maybe the bike is "an old wifes fish tale" but the Datsun is definately plausible.

Thoughts and any good stories of barn finds etc?


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Saturday 23rd March 2019
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I think the bike one, in one form or another is older than the internet! wink