Tyre fitter and alignment - Suffolk/Norfolk

Tyre fitter and alignment - Suffolk/Norfolk



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Saturday 8th February
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Hi all - any good people for getting some tyres fitted without scratching my wheels, and then actually doing a good job of balancing them? Also then get the car aligned? Never had much luck using my local places in Halesworth.

I read some old posts that this place was recommended: http://www.autotechcarservice.co.uk/index.php/en/c...

Still a good place, or any other recommendations? Treadz in Lowestoft looks like it might be quite good.


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Saturday 8th February
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I know that some will cough at this - but I find that ATS in Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich the best place. Agree prices on higher side, but never had a problem since I started using them.

Other places left tyres covered in soap, scratched the rims etc.


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Saturday 8th February
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Manningtree tyres in well, Manningtree, have used the for many years, good prices (not cheapest), good alignment setup, very keen to answer questions as you ask re wheels/alignment.

Always easy going if week later wheel comes out of balance easily!



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Tuesday 3rd March
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Never known someone to be so passionate about 'tyres' and associated stuffs....

Nice waiting room where you can watch too.


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Tuesday 10th March
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No idea. But hello from a fellow resident.


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Wednesday 18th March
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Graeme Clark - WeFitAnyTyresAnywhere does all my cars. Awesome, mobile and takes loads of care.