PHEA Calendar 2020

PHEA Calendar 2020



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Sunday 22nd March
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Hello everyone,

In these uncertain Coronavirus times, I confess I have been cautious to post this.
However we should remain positive, so I am pleased to announce The PHEA Calendar 2020 (of sorts) thumbup

With an Event already under our belt, I shall tell you all of our Event plans for the rest of this year, for which I hope you can join us subject to Covid-19's intervention.

I know trying to organise Events does pale into insignificance in the grand scheme of things, but we can prepare, and look forward to car-fun times when all this is behind us.

I have included a couple of "TBC" Events and Dates, which will be filled in once everything is confirmed.

FULL DETAILS for each Event will be posted in good time before that Event is due to occur.

Those Events still on the Calendar will of course be reviewed following future government-suggested restrictions.
The situation is very fluid, often quick to change and so I have decided to still post the Full Calendar, including what could have been in case things do change for the better.
I will also be applying for PHEA to attend any cancelled or postponed Events whenever it is they next occur smile

In line with the government's most recent recommendations, ALL PHEA @ Cars & Coffee and Social Summer Meets will be CANCELLED until further notice, even though you will see them on the Calendar.
Cancellations for Shows have been announced already, too.

Trackday Events & Runs are still a little up in the air.
Officially trackdays are still operating at the current time, so plans for our annual Track Event in July remain as such.
Regarding Runs, their very nature means we are in our own cars most of the time. I am trialing the Cromer Spring Run to see if and how these can work, with added measures (which may ultimately include limiting numbers).

If these and future Events can continue during this turbulent time, I would please suggest practicing the following for the benefit of all attendees' health and well-being:
  • Handshake greetings be avoided
  • People adhere to the current outdoor recommended 2+ metre distance between one another
  • Bring waterless ways of disinfecting hands
  • People with any slight illness, please do not attend Events
  • Any folk in higher risk categories, please do not attend.
Current NHS Guidelines on higher risk category include those who:
  • have had an organ transplant and are taking immunosuppressant medicine
  • are having chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • have blood or bone marrow cancer, such as leukaemia
  • have a severe chest condition, such as cystic fibrosis or severe asthma
  • have another serious health condition
I appreciate people without symptoms could be carriers, but following the suggestions above can help mitigate the risk of infection transmission.
I should also add that if you do decide to attend, you do so at your own risk.

We all enjoy meeting fellow car enthusiasts, but we should ensure our responsibilities to everyone's health take the ultimate priority.

The Calendar:

January 4th RUN New Year's Run - NEW!
March 29th RUN Cromer Spring RunCANCELLED
April 4th MEET Rolling Road DayCANCELLED
April 9th MEET Social Summer Meet (SSM) - ThursdayCANCELLED
April 19th MEET PHEA @ Cars & Coffee - The Old RamCANCELLED
April 26th VISIT AS Motorsport VisitPOSTPONED
May 3rd SHOW Earsham Hall ShowCANCELLED
May 10th RUN Fish'n'Chip RunCANCELLED
May 16th SHOW GT Championship at Snetterton (Saturday) - NEW!CANCELLED
May 17th MEET PHEA @ Cars & Coffee - The PigsCANCELLED
May 21st MEET SSM - ThursdayCANCELLED
June 7th SHOW Sheringham Car ShowCANCELLED
June 10th MEET SSM - WednesdayCANCELLED
June 21st MEET PHEA @ Cars & Coffee - The Old RamCANCELLED
June 28th SHOW Heveningham Hall Show - NEW!CANCELLED
July 12th SHOW Kimbolton Car ShowCANCELLED
July 15th MEET SSM - WednesdayCANCELLED
July 19th MEET PHEA @ Cars & Coffee - The PigsCANCELLED
July 22nd TRACK Snetterton Track Event
August 2nd SHOW Helmingham HallCANCELLED
August 16th MEET PHEA @ Cars & Coffee - The Old Ram CANCELLED
August 18th MEET SSM - Tuesday CANCELLED
August 29th SHOW Suffolk Motor Show, Worlington (Saturday) - NEW!CANCELLED
August TBC RUN Possible Covid Run
September 19th MEET LowiePete's Autumn Detailing Meet (Saturday)
September 20th MEET PHEA @ Cars & Coffee - The Pigs
October TBC RUN Late Summer Run
December TBC MEET Christmas Dinner

While all vehicles are welcome to Meets, Visits & Runs, I am often asked by PHEA members if their car is "suitable" for a Show.

PistonHeads East Anglia is all about the variety of cars and their owners. Anything fast, rare, expensive, classic or unusual is always welcome.
If you are unsure, I would simply ask yourself if you would be happy to see your car as a paying member of the public smile
If you are still unsure, I can always check with the Show organiser thumbup

I think that about covers it for now.
I'll update the "TBC" entries as and when I have the confirmation smile

Please take care to keep safe and remain healthy.
I look forward to the time we can all catch up properly, greeting one another as we usually do and getting out to show & drive our cars!
I hope to see you all again very soon.

All the best,

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