Car photography

Car photography


Zed 44

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Wednesday 17th June
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Is there someone out there who would like to build up a portfolio? I have a car I want to sell so it might be mutually beneficial. Pm me if interested. Thanks

Simpo Two

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Thursday 18th June
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You don't need professional photos to sell a car. The average snappy thing or decent phone is perfectly good.

If however you want a professional (EVO-style) portfolio for your own records then you should have a budget, not the 'free publicity' thing which is awfully worn out smile


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Friday 19th June
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I had my car snapped at Cost £300 for a 3/4 view (which you'll see below), engine , interior and boot. I was intending to sell the car, but was also bored so agreed to help him out moving the lights and being involved in the shoot (hence he did it on the cheap). I think I was there 5 hours and it was amazing how the various lights changed the look of the car. He admits that he's pretty old school and accepts that nowadays people can bang something out electronically. I enjoyed lavashing the time on the car. The Anglia is now gone . . . . replaced with an AC Cobra



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Friday 19th June
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That picture is absolutely stunning, likewise the car!


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Monday 22nd June
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