My first spotted!

My first spotted!



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Saturday 3rd July 2004
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All right so it's late on Saturday night and sadly I'm pretending to work but . . .
Spotted this afternoon on the Hillsborough road near Carryduff a red M or S - **99 TVR on the reg, I was waving like a looney from the BM thinking it was Audrey but then realised it wasn't her (or Ray).
Car was looking good, haven't seen it around much.
As they say on PH - anyone on here?


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Sunday 4th July 2004
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Did'nt know the Plough or the Hillside wireless conection?

Colin L

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Sunday 4th July 2004
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Ha Ha,

Wireless link up!!!

More like Beer Link!!!!

You been dreaming again about the end of July again Garth!!

Don't worry she is coming !!

Colin L


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Thursday 8th July 2004
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Are you sure it was not Audrey
I can't understand how all the miles are piling on to it.
Maybe she is "moonlighting" (if jiggs was on I would love to hear his reply to that)
Have to go now 10-30am and it is just warm enough outside now.
Doing a run to Portrush in the Chim (my boss is so bad to me)and I supose I will come home via the coast.
Enjoy your offices.

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