If jigs wuz alive?

If jigs wuz alive?



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Sunday 1st August 2004
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He'd be turning in his grave.

I've just completed 250 in a TVR speed six!!!! Philip in Parkgate very kindly donated his T350c for the weekend after TVR failed to produce my new cerbera in time. After 7 months of wondering 'what the fu*k have I just wasted the children's inheritance on I got a feelin of what TVR ownership is all about again - and even got picked up at a garage by gorgeous tart - well would've if the wife hadn't been there!

Then such a laugh this morning as the sneaky sp6 run set off from hillsborough - Patrick gets a bit of squeal from the tyres in the Tamora as he pulls up the hill from The Old Mill, Trevor smokes the tyres from the Red Rose 350/400 for about 40foot - excellent, - and garth? - changes up at 2500 in the demonstrator and says 'i'll catch them in the long grass' - nah b@ll@cks - just chased trev! What a laugh - so sorry I'm not around next week for the PFJ run.


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Monday 2nd August 2004
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Sneaky Sp6 run eh eh ??..tut tut....!!

Then again, I suppose if you broke down it would not be as embarrassing for you all as the V8 Boys go thundering past !!!

I hope everything goes well for you when you pick up your new beast...I look forward to seeing and hearing it !!