NI Rally Racing Championship/Track day

NI Rally Racing Championship/Track day



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Friday 25th February 2005
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Just to make all you NI PHers aware that the NI Rally Racing Championship is currently holding open trackdays for a few hours before their race meetings on Sundays in Aghadowey. They're also staging a run-what-u-brung 1/4 mile after the race meetings. Should be fairly cheap, and great craic. I've been reliably informed that the Porsche owners club have been expressing an interest. Also, there'll probably be the standard bunch of Jap fast things.
I'll probably go up in my Renno Alpine Turbo (about 200 bhp/tonne ) just to spice things up a bit. All we need now is for Colin and the lads to get their Trevs up to show the Porkers a thing or two.